(The Left margin on my resume. Seems legit.)

It took me a year, but I finally finished my resume. I read somewhere that a sign of having A.D.D. is that it takes you a long time to accomplish normal tasks, such as completing a resume. After all of the re-editing, I feel really proud of it. Sometimes when you're working, you focus on the projects that you're doing at that moment. Working on my portfolio and resume has allowed me to take a step back and realize that I have accomplished some goals and that it is okay to take a deep breath and pat myself on the back. And at the same time, I'm sure all artists know, it puts you into full panic mode and forces you to keep working hard.



The mural I am working on for Illusions salon. She went through 
several face changes and tail designs. But so far I am happy
with her turn out. She is my favorite mural so far.


Freckle Doily


Self Portait





More J Crew

Its safe to say I love J Crews Spring 2012 line. 
This is the 4th post inspired by the RTW look! And more to come!




Dance to the beat of your own...
Saturday is the show at NRG gallery. I always feel insecure when sharing my illustrations.  Most of my drawings were created in my free time. I have TONS of fashion illustrations teaching myself proportions and renderings. And plenty of boards with self taught water colors. But nothing makes me happier than fresh water color paper, a new micron pen and my cheap water colors. I really hope with time my style gets better and I become a better painter


Currently working on

I'm currently working on a Call of the Wild swim wear line. Unleash your primal urges. Inspired by a fusion of 1950's classic swimwear draping and patterns with graphic modern tribal prints. I wanted to combine femininity and spirit. Please excuse the image quality. It is 11 PM and I am working under a crappy desk lamp. 


Step out

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