Swell Mayde

Since Aimee is a designer, I thought it would be fun to use actual scanned fabrics for the dress.




The first thing I noticed in Kady's photos was her beautiful, thick and wavy hair. I wanted to make her hair stand our by using violet undertones and blue washes. I think the result looks soft and touchable and I was so happy when she liked the illustration!




Illustration for Verameat wearing my favorite ring they have, "Hi I'm French". To compliment the quirky ring, I created glitter nails and cosmic print letters.



Summer Color Inspiration: Nasty Gal Swimwear

Nasty Gal released new photos of their swimwear collection this month and I am dying over the colors. The swimsuits are just screaming to be painted with prints that resemble watercolor strokes.
More photos are on Nasty Gals look book page.What do you guys think of the collection?



The Byrne Notice

I am a American Horror Story junkie and avid follower of The Byrne Notice so I could not help myself to paint AHS: Asylum's "bloody face", Zachary Quinto and editor and chief of The Byrne Notice, Fiona Byrne. The illustration is from The Byrne Notice First Anniversary Party which was an event filled with Downtown New York's finest such as CoCo Rocha, Athena Calderone and of course Fiona's blue jean overalls!



Jessie Ware

Sweet Talk Music Video

I am a huge Jessie Ware fan. Almost every time I paint I have her songs playing in the background, allowing me to escape into a calm and focused state. Growing up my parents raised me on Sade's  soulful voice and elegant lyrics. Listening to Jessie Ware's album Devotion, brings me back to the memory of idolizing Sade's classy and cool aura.



Taste the Rainbow


While browsing Instagram I found Elin's page, full of glittery nails, crystal accessories and a color palette sure to make even a bag of skittles jealous. Elin is a makeup artist known for her over the top hair color's and wardrobe combination of childhood nostalgia with urban street wear. Elin's style is sure to remind us all not to take ourselves too seriously and to always have fun with our outfits.



The Dolly Rockers

An illustration of the lovely Danielle from The Dolly Rockers wearing Boy London. Check out the website filled with amazing fun photographs!




Makeup artist, Miss Jazmina. Lately, I have been obsessed with painting women with ombre, and rainbow colored hair. I think multi-dyed tresses are a painters dream! Luckily, there have been many requests from girls with bright hair and I have been having a blast.



Kool Kat Sherry

I love Sherry's ability to combine street style with high-end labels. Her wardrobe is colorful, urban and spunky. Check out Sherry on Instagram: Koolkat_SS




This was a commission for my friend Julie. She wanted to give a gift to her boyfriends sister  who loves her blonde lab, Emma. And who couldn't love her with a face like that?



I Love You This Much

Another Valentine's Day inspired illustration with a modern spin.  This illustration is dedicated to the blogger and the person behind the camera. You know your blog wouldn't be complete without this persons support and opinion. They are the person who gives you a thumbs up as you model your outfit for a new post. They have been there through late nights of you typing away and date nights with you checking your feedback on your phone. If this person is currently in your life inspiring and motivating you to pursue your creative outlet, make sure you show them you appreciate all of their efforts this Valentines Day!



Beyoncé Superbowl

Oh B, you fierce woman, you. I almost forgot about this painting I made while watching Beyoncé's high energy and wonderful halftime performance. There is no question who shut down the lights after the show she gave us!



Valentine iPhone Wallpaper

Hey guys! Just wanted to spread the love this Valentines Day with this Puppy Love iPhone wallpaper for all of the animal lovers out there!


Hot Date

For all the single Bloggers out there on Valentines Day! Feel free to use this illustration and remember, if you're feeling lonely, just go shopping for a cute outfit post!




This is my illustration for Tracy DiMarco from Jerseylicious.  I made sure there was bright colors and plenty of animal prints to fit her larger than life personality and larger than life hair!



Color Play

Here are some of the many paints I mixed while messing around in my watercolor palette last night.  These samples remind me of my Freshman Color Theory class, except I wasn't crying trying to finish an entire book full of swatches at 3AM. All of these colors were mixed with Yellow Ochre and I am really pleased with some of the dark hues I created because I always try to not use black in my paintings. 

I needed help to create more color ideas for outfit posts, I was sort of in a rut and going back to the basics of painting helped pull me out of a color funk!

What are your favorite color combinations for outfits?



2012 Instagram Roundup

With the first month of the new year almost being over, I thought it would be appropriate to post a belated roundup of paintings from 2012. Here are just a few of my favorite Instagram photos.Although I started Instagram in September, it has been a fun few months filled with travel bloggers, hair stylists and couples. I am looking forward to the new year!



The Happy Family

This is my first painting of a couple with their pet! I loved the idea and I was so happy when fashion blogger Abby made a request to include her husky puppy Milo. I want a Husky puppy now!



What's the Holdup?

Above is an illustration for Heidi from fashion blog Hemlines and Holdups.  Heidi is a self proclaimed clothes addict and she is a student so she often creates posts about sales for stores and discounts which is great for fashion lovers like myself who are on a budget. I can't wait to see the illustration on her blog.



2013 People’s Choice Awards Dresses

Other than my favorite look of the night in my previous post (Taylor Swift) here are some of the dresses that stood out to me at the 2012 People's Choice Awards.

What was your favorite dress?


Hang in there, Taylor Swift!

Hey Miss Swift,

Breakups are tough but you looked amazing at the 2013 People's Choice Awards. Work it girl! I loved everything about your less modest look in a plunging white Ralph Lauren dress with turquoise earrings. Way to distract the breakup news to a more positive topic!

What did you think about Taylor's look, is she on your best dressed list for the week?



Vampy Vamps

I had a lot of requests coming in to paint a character from The Vampire Diaries so I added new prints, totes and cell phone cases on the shop inspired by Elana.

Are you team Damon or team Stefan?

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