Gucci Tux


NRG Gallery Columbus Ohio

More to come soon.

It was a good show over all. A good turn out of people all 3 days.
I worked on the housewives series as a main focus for the gallery
as well as several other fashion illustrations. I hung 14 pieces
and four paintings currently remain. Stop by and check them out!



Currently working on:

I am currently working on a Kimbra illustration. Is the song stuck in 
your head now? It has been stuck in my head all Spring break
so I figured, lets draw it! I am having so much fun!



Jelly Beans

I feel like an excited kid eager for an Easter Basket
full of Jelly Belly's with Essie's soft and sweet nail polishes.
And let's face it, if I'm going to bite my nails later in an
anxious fit, I can now at least pretend they are 
bite sized strawberry treats.



Freckle Frustration

Ah the dreaded realization we all get on Sunday nights. 
The weekend is over and a new work week is ahead. But maybe
we should view Sunday as an optimistic day. Maybe we should replace
"I don't want to go back to work" with, "This is going to be THE week"
Input "THE" with any fear or struggle you have been avoiding to
tackle or face. Remember, a year from now you will wish you started today.
 So I hope all is well and you enjoy the rest of your hopeful Sunday.


All my single ladies!

Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh


Teen Vogue



Free Spirits

This illustration is dedicated to the dreamer.
The woman who believes in making her own destiny but
can’t resist tossing a penny in a wishing well. She is smart,
creative, and humble. She is adventurous, sweet & tough.
She pushes life to its limits, and when she see’s the glass
is half full she orders another round for the girls.



Miss Adele.





The Peacock

Illustration meets package design. The Peacock Pinot Grigio.
 "Light as Feather."


Just Desserts

Right now I am craving  a new colorful scarf to brighten 
up my dull Tan, wool coat.  I always have a sweet tooth 
for perky hues no matter what season it is.


black & white



Gone Fishing

Hook the look! A snip of my spread for Free People.
I think this is my favorite fashion illustration so far. 
I had so much fun creating her.


Call of the Wild

In my opinion, there are not enough cute one pieces in this world.
Call of the Wild is a one piece swimwear line I created to enhance the female figure 
without exposing too much. I want the woman to feel confident and unleash her nature
while still remaining classy and modern. Call Of The Wild is inspired by a fusion of 1950's classic swimwear draping and patterns with graphic modern tribal prints. 
I wanted to combine femininity and spirit.  

If you were to express your true nature would you be soft and sweet like a deer
or strong and fierce like a bear?


Miss Bosworth

Miss Bosworth has a starfish stuck in her net shaw.
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