Beau XOXO and Deep Fried Freckles Give Away

a Rafflecopter giveaway Happy Halloween everyone! To make this holiday a little sweeter I am launching my first contest! As I mentioned before, to celebrate and say thank you for following me I am teaming up with Beau XOXO and giving away one hair accessory and a custom watercolor and ink illustration of the winner wearing the prize! The winner will be able to choose from a full body or portrait illustration and it will be made to their specific order!

The contest is only one week long so enter now!



Deep Fried Freckles Goes to the Philippines

Well I didn't physically go, but I was there in spirit with hand lettering and a painting of a cute LuLu girl at the at Hip Pinoy Fair for LuLu Swing. The Hip Pinoy fair aims to bring together holistic, innovative, and passionate Filipinos to promote local ingenuity and creativity.

I feel so lucky to have had Isa Abonal approach me again for another illustration, I think the paintings colors and style make a perfect pair with LuLu Swings adorable new line of shoes in front of them!  Personally, my favorite are the Mustard Minuets, they are just a burst of sunshine. 

I hope someday in the future to really travel to the Philippines. It would be a dream to paint all of the beautiful and inspiring things the country has to offer and to stop by the Hip Pinoy Fair of course!

Check out more photos of the Fair and LuLu Swings shoes on their Facebook Page




This is an illustration I am working on for CCAD's Illustration Student Collective. The first gallery show will be held at 39 Below FroYo. The theme for the show is "sweet". I wanted to juxtapose rocker girls in leather and tattered clothes with bright ice cream cones. Though now, (last minute) I am having second thoughts about the illustration. I feel maybe the look isn't appropriate for  the family environment. So in true student nature I will be pulling an all-nighter painting a backup illustration and eating frozen yogurt for extra inspiration!



Bad Girls Dress Well

Right now I am style crushing on M.I.A's colorful wardrobe in her video for Bad Girls!




Visit Beau XOXO

I am so thrilled to announce I have reached the 500 follower landmark! Thank you so much everyone for following and being so supportive. I am beyond grateful other people are interested in my passion! To celebrate and show my gratitude, I am teaming up with Beau XOXO and launching my first contest at the end of this month! The prize will include a handmade hair accessory from Beau XOXO and a custom Deep Fried Freckles illustration of the winner wearing the hair accessory! Details will be put up soon!



Tim Melideo

 Check out Tim's Style Blog | Photography Blog

Tim Melideo is a Los Angeles professional photographer and professor who also teaches the 
blogging world about classic menswear staples. Tim is often featured on the front pages of  
Look Book and Chictopia wearing thrifted shoes, J.Crew sweaters and Ray Bans. In the fashion
blogging world dominated by women, the Stay Classic Blog has made its way to the top by 
staying true to Tims personal brand and artistic background.

Who are some of your favorite men style bloggers?



Disco Shorts & Frances Cassandra

Disco Shorts: Glamorous | Illustration: Frances

I have been wanting to practice painting leather lately and luckily Frances Cassandra emailed me about creating a portrait for her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. Frances combines femininity with skulls, studs and leather which is a suitable style for her musician aspirations. My favorite post: Editeurs At Large. Frances displays her style cred. with photos of her modeling designers such as Valentino for The Editeur! What an amazing opportunity and a deserving one of course!




Image Source: Milian Gomides Illustration: Instagram

I don't know why I didn't join Instagram sooner! Although I almost wish I didn't. I am now addicted to spending so much time looking through the endless photos of delicious foods and artists work, oh and the cats! I could look at filtered photos of cats all day!

What are your favorite photos on Instagram?

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