Visit Sundari's blog: Rose Beauty 

Sundari is a lifestyle and fashion blogger from the UK. If you are like me and enjoy golden hue, Instagram collages of cupcakes, makeup and smiling boyfriends, then you will enjoy Rose Beauty. Sundari's blog is great to scroll through for inspiration as it features frequent posts of her personal favorite products with vintage printed sheets serving as a down to earth backdrop. It is always refreshing to see a blog that looks clean and put together with digital and camera photos in a bedroom "studio".  In a web world full of airbrushed perfume bottles and perfect lighting, blogs like Rose Beauty bring me back to my humble surroundings and stimulate me with a personal, relatable connection.



Headband: New Look  | Vest: Primark  | Bag: Matalan | Shoes: New Look
I will be uploading illustrations of Kate once a week now because I am currently working on a new Logo for her brand. This is my third illustration for Kate, The first one here and second here. I feel each illustration has a different look to show the style she is wearing. The photo above is my favorite Dolly Bow Bow look. Kate  is so playful and feminine with her outfits and I am always grateful when she requests an illustration! 

What is your favorite Dolly Bow Bow look?



Lost and Found

I had the pleasure to work with Em from Girl Lost In the City. Just by looking at her banner full of adorable London Illustrations, I already felt one of my illustrations would feel right at home.

Emma currently writes for her blog and has contributed articles for big publications such as More! magazine and Huffington Post. Check out her blog!



Dolce Vite

Water color, ink, pastel, marker, graphic.

 Hello everyone! I have been very fortunate to have had a great deal of projects  
in the last few weeks and I can't wait to share them!

 This week I was asked to create an illustration for Dolce Vite, a tea company
that uses no GMOs, no preservatives and no artificial colors.  To compliment
the company, I used warm colors and a natural faced, red headed beauty. Usually
when I use as many mediums as I did, it turns out looking crazy. So I am pleased
with its outcome and I look forward to seeing how the Dolce Vite Girl will be applied!



Dress Up Doll

Kate from Dolly Bow Bow shows us how to wear a little black dress
for the summer! How do you wear your L.B.D?



Synergy Online

A week ago I recieved an email from Nina, a member of Synergy online. Synergy is a blog
that speaks about fashion, lifestyle and pop culture and the most amazing part is that
Nina is 14 and Bea is 17! I only wish I had their drive when I was their age! If you get a 
chance please visit their adorable blog and while you are there, check out my feature!



Funnel of Love

 The last day of the Ohio State Fair has put me in the mood for a strawberry covered
funnel cake. Though eating one always makes me feel bitter sweet ( pun intended)
because the only time I get this dessert is when summer is winding down.
Farewell summer and my confectionate friend, see you next year!



Boho Waves

An illustration for Beau XOXO's new hair jewelry line! The line is BoHo inspired pieces with a vintage feel. The line is inexpensive and truly unique, not to mention HAND MADE! The illustration will be on the new package design with the Hair Accessories placed on top of the woman's hair! Will you be buying Beau XOXO's new hair Jewelry?

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