Damsel In A Dress

Check out Jeline's Blog: Here

Jeline is a fifteen year old fashion blogger! 
I wanted to capture the innocence in Jeline's gorgeous photos.


Chloe's Way

This week I had the pleasure to illustrate Chloe from Chloe's Way.
Chloe is a fashion blogger from the UK. I think if Chloe and I were eight years old, 
we would be perfect Pen Pals! I think this because we are both young art students 
with a love for feminine unique clothes and tights!

I can relate to Chloe's post How I Style: Little Black Dress
Right now I just paint the clothes I wish I could buy,
so I learned to dress up staple items like an LBD with different 
accessories everyday!

Check out Chloe's Blog: Here



Puppy Love

  Photo Credit: Miss Moss

I saw this photo on Miss Moss's blog and had to illustrate it
with my markers! Such an adorable image!

Nerdy Nancy

 Nancy enjoys reading graphic novels with her sidekick
Robbie, a frisky tabby. 

Nancy spent her Sunday roaming the city for a secondhand treasure to brighten
her cozy loft. She brought home a turquoise table lamp that matched perfectly
with her quirky tights she wears with almost everything. Nancy embraces her
 inner nerd as she cuddles with Robbie, her favorite comic book and a cup of tea 
underneath the warmth of her new lamp.



Bridal Party

I'm currently working on an illustration for Bespoke Bride. 
This is the third sketch, before watercolor will be applied
for texture and contrast. 

Image courtesy of: Bespoke Bride



Cupcake Taj Mahal

This year has been all about experimenting. From different 
styles to different mediums. I always admired artists
who had the patience for cut paper illustrations.
I hated it at first but once I added chalk and pencil I began 
to let loose and enjoy myself. This is definitely
something I want to revisit and try again.


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