Jessie Ware

Sweet Talk Music Video

I am a huge Jessie Ware fan. Almost every time I paint I have her songs playing in the background, allowing me to escape into a calm and focused state. Growing up my parents raised me on Sade's  soulful voice and elegant lyrics. Listening to Jessie Ware's album Devotion, brings me back to the memory of idolizing Sade's classy and cool aura.



Taste the Rainbow


While browsing Instagram I found Elin's page, full of glittery nails, crystal accessories and a color palette sure to make even a bag of skittles jealous. Elin is a makeup artist known for her over the top hair color's and wardrobe combination of childhood nostalgia with urban street wear. Elin's style is sure to remind us all not to take ourselves too seriously and to always have fun with our outfits.

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