Happy Holidays! I think a great way to make a dress or outfit look more festive without going over the top is by wearing a shimmery bow that matches the gifts around the tree. Here are some cute bows that are perfect for the holidays yet also can be worn through out the year.



Awkward Contest

Hi everyone. It is that time again, another contest! I wanted to create an interactive post that allowed viewers to enjoy what Deep Fried Freckles is all about: creativity, individual style and quirky personalities. Oh! And fried foods, of course...but that will be another contest.

Growing up, I hated my freckles. I associated them with embarrassing moments and standing out. Now for those same reasons I love my freckles and I have come to terms with the fact that I will always be awkward! The Awkward Contest celebrates those silly moments that made you think "of course this would only happen to me!"

Submit your (PG) stories in the comments below and I will choose my favorite one to illustrate. Have fun fashion nerds!

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