Last weekend was the calm before the storm.
Though I worked and did projects I also enjoyed a mini break
enjoying PF Chang's amazing honey shrimp while watching Netflix.
It was a great way to relax before finals.




I have not used oil pastels since I was five years old. Today
I used a couple and I must say, I think I have a new love!
I was shocked how quick the medium can be, it isn't
as forgiving as watercolor, but it was just as fun!



Dolly Bow Bow

I have a thing for miniatures.  Dolly Bow Bow fulfills
my childhood excitement for tiny objects. Kate's accessories are 
charming, literally. Any girly girl will enjoy the attention to detail with tucks 
of roses and bows above ballet slippers and cheerful cupids. 
I've never been to a "Magical Masquerade" 
but Kates necklaces sure makes me want to throw one!

A link to Kates Blog Below



Hair Color

With the trend of candy colored hair tresses blowing up in
Hollywood, I was inspired to create a grape flavored mane.



Bespoke Bride

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is looking through bridal blogs,
drooling at cute D.I.Y ideas. I don't think you don't have to be 
engaged to enjoy a beautiful wedding blog. 
After all, weddings are a combination of my 5 favorite things:
Family, decorating, men in suits, dresses and cake!



Graffiti Girl


The Great Gatsby

I am not really a fan of markers. I'm not sure why, but I have been using them 
with everything lately. I guess its because it is easier to
quickly draw out an idea with them rather than setting up paints
(while you're at a restaurant or library.)



Blake Lively Golden in Gucci

Another post with a metallic skirt!
Blake wearing a cream button up blouse and gold pleat skirt by Gucci.
Doesn't Blake just look like one of the cupcakes at Sprinkles in NYC?
What a great outfit for the scenery!


MSGM Pre-Fall 2012

Check out The Line

I can't get enough of MSGM's Pre-Fall line. I am addicted,
and honestly how can't you be? The tweed accents and 
pops of sparkle make the line irresistible. 



Girls best friend

Top: Rika cream white top with burgundy star print.
The youthful print is perfectly paired with
Jessica's cute, playful new kitten.



I love Kimbra's style. It is so refreshing.



Cinco De Mayo

1. Pretty stripped yarn for a finishing touch. 2. Hand painted invitations.
3. Hand painted pattern for inside of the envelope.
4. Yes, No, Maybe RSVP stickers for an easy response.

 Hand painted cupcake holders.



Emily: Cupcakes and Cashmere

 Emily's style is pure perfection. If Audrey Hepburn had a blog, 
Cupcakes and Cashmere would be it!



Sweet Monday

I hope everyone is settled into the new week and enjoyed their Tuesday,
now lets talk about Monday! Sweet Monday is a fashion blog following 
Kimberley, a quirky lover of all things with sprinkles and skulls. Her blog is full 
of amazing textures and patterns and even follows a pattern when 
posting integrated photos of manicures, cupcakes and apparel. 
Now those are some combinations this fried freckled girl loves!

Check out Kimberley's blog: Sweet Monday.



Happy Easter

Happy Easter Fashion Bunnies! 

Maybe you're enjoying a second plate of ham and mashed potatoes. 
Or perhaps you're just relaxing enjoying your last day of the weekend. 
Whatever it is you're doing, I hope you take it easy and breathe in the 
simple moments before you hop off to another busy week.



Milk Bubble Tea

Check out: Milk Bubble Tea

There are some people who are so much fun to paint and Becky 
from Milk Bubble Tea happens to be one of those people.
Becky keeps the promise of her blog title with photos of desserts and even
sweeter images of her soft and sugary style. Her whimsical prints and great 
eye for color combinations made it easy to capture and illustrate 
what many fashion blog readers enjoy to follow and that is 
a blogger staying confident and true to their personal style.




Lipstick Shade: Shanghai Express

Every girl should have one tube of red lipstick in her bag. The instant
impact of red lips can take an ordinary white T-shirt and make you look like
a comfortable and chic fashionista. Nars Shanghai Express Semi
Matte lipstick was voted "Best Overall Lipstick" 2010-2011 by Instyle magazine and
with good reason. Shanghai Express takes your moms traditional red lipstick
and shoves it out of its way demanding for its picture to be taken. From work to back
stage at a concert, the illustration above shows the color paired with a vintage
braided headband for the perfect rocker girl costume.



Blog Hell

I started this blog as an outlet to have fun during the usual busy day rush.
Looking back I think it is obvious I was more rushed than having fun.
Design wise, nothing about my blog is cohesive or in my opinion attractive.
A part of me wants to spend an entire day reformatting all of my
photos and posts. As well as adding stories to posts with just illustrations
to give my blog more depth. My next step is to plot everything, wipe out
the past, and start with a fresh and non pixelated canvas!


Currently working on:

(Cell phone quality image)

I am currently working on my first paper cut illustration series for the launch of
 World Markets party supplies. I wanted the series to express the celebration of different
cultures gathering together over a cheese filled melting pot (or something like that.)
The one above is Buddha blowing up a balloon, getting ready for Thai New Year. 
I am also illustrating Kwanzaa, Day of the Dead and a Bat Mitzvah.


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