A few months ago I needed to find a way to make extra money to 
help pay for a vacation with Steven. Coincidentally, Stevens job held a contest 
to create a new tagline for the company. Since my major is Advertisement the 
contest was right up my alley, I am used to being assigned 100 taglines for one project. 
I wanted to make sure I was guaranteed the win, so I made four comp advertisements
for the company and a creative brief. To my surprise, a week later Steven received an
email from the marketing directer asking if she could commission the ads and use them
for their re-branding campaign. Before I knew it, Steven was surrounded by a full
entourage of script supervisors, lighting specialists and even a makeup artist!
I am so grateful for such a fun experience 
and now Steven and I are packing for our trip tomorrow!




Image inspiration: Maira's Tumblr

This is an illustration of Maira the dreamer. Maira believes that Hope is 
the best accessory for any girl to own. Maira may be older but she never 
outgrew her fantasies or her Mini Mouse ears. Maira dreams big and 
follows the philosophy of making her own luck by working hard every day.
But she still occasionally wishes on a star just in case.  

Do you still hold onto your daydreams? 
What are they and do you pursue them?



Flat Out

I have to confess, I dislike drawing Fashion Flats. A Fashion Flat is a technical
 term for a structured sketch of a clothing item or accessory. Basically they 
are made so the designer knows exactly how to create the garment. 
I think that is why I don't like drawing flats, they are structured. And I am more 
of an easy-going "hey lets scribble some flowers on this dress" kinda girl. 
So my Flats portfolio has been tucked under my bed next to my 
Shake Weight and other items I try to avoid.

What tedious things do you tend to avoid?



The Week of Brunettes

Rory from Baby Rouge.

Aley from Tickled Pink.

Right now I am currently working on several fashion bloggers at once
and couldn't be happier. I am still editing the images above because I
feel they are all missing something special to them. I think incorporating
letters or a fashion accessory will help.




Do you have a favorite fashion item that makes your look pop
What is it and why does it stand out?


Sassy Kat

To be honest I had no idea who Kat Graham was. I always saw her
featured on fashion posts for COCO Perez, but never thought twice.
It wasn't until I recently started watching The Vampire Diaries
(DON'T JUDGE ME!) that I noticed Kat and her amazing style. 
Kat usually wears structured pieces with chunky metals. 
In her video Put your Graffiti On me, she is wearing bright and funky 
outfits that match the upbeat song and graffiti signature.

Watch Kat Graham's Video: Put your Graffiti On Me


Best Friends

No summer is complete without a messy 
adventure and your sidekick!



+ Marry Me Harry Jumper: Top Shop        
+ Image inspiration: Copper Closet



I based the illustration off of these photo's from Georgina's blog
Little Miss Sunshine Style. I sent the first illustration to Georgina and
she requested to make her hair more like her signature look, "poofy."
I was more than willing to make changes because who doesn't love big hair?!




Rachel is the third illustration of my three dearest friends from CCAD.
The first was Chelsea, the second was Grace. I painted them all for
graduation gifts!



Sweet Saturday

Hi everyone! I hope you all are just as giggly for the weekend as I am.
My plan after work today is to invest quality time at the library. I want to pour over 
books about flowers so I can incorporate a whimsical touch to upcoming illustrations.

In other news, I am delighted to post that I am almost at 300 followers!
This may not seem like a lot, but just three months ago Deep Fried Freckles had nine 
loyal followers, (this included my brother and aunt.) I have spent the last six months 
on 11 social networks promoting my blog. Oh, the constant tagging! 
But I loved it, and I always felt the work would pay off. Sure enough, 
I caught a break when Becky from Milk Bubble Tea 
emailed me about painting her! Since then the requests have been consistent 
and my style has evolved. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing girls 
from around the world sharing their love for freckles and fashion! 
I am excited and looking forward to the future of Deep Fried Freckles.



Bright as a Feather

Amazing summer earrings from Love Sexton
What is your favorite summer accessory?



Sew What

I have been trying to make a point to illustrate more men. 
I am drawn to (no pun intended) long hair, makeup and just 
the over all fun that comes with painting women.

I thought to change it up I would paint my friend and fellow 
CCAD classmate Bryston Walters. Bryston is a Fashion 
major who is amazing at constructing garments.

  Check out Bryston's blog Flourishingly Immersed.



Bibi Aesha

I have been wanting to paint Aesha since I first saw her on the 
cover of Time magazine. Aesha was just a 19 year old Afghanistan teenager
when she escaped to America after her ears and nose were brutally cut off
by her husband for trying to run away. Aesha's story is overwhelming
with injustice and pain but also courage and inspiration to women everywhere.

Read her full story here



Beau XOXO PT. 2

Here is the second identity for Beau XOXO, a handmade hair 
accessory shop from the UK. I wanted to keep the look similar 
to the first illustration I created but this time I wanted to follow 
Beau XOXO's Vintage influence. I love the end results,
 I feel she looks like a 2012 Pin Up girl.




This was my Art Therapy final. it is a self portrait made from cut paper, ink
and chalk. The frames mounted on the wall beside me are all
personal symbols that describe myself.
Here are the meanings to each symbol:
  1.  The Cat: I love all animals, especially cats.
  2. A Cupcake: I love sweets, especially cupcakes.
  3. The Eiffel Tower: My dream is to visit Paris.
  4. The African mask: Most people people do not know that I am bi-racial.
  5. The broken frame with a necklace: I study commercial arts but I am not a materialistic person.
  6. The bed frame: My favorite thing to do is sleep, though I usually pull all-nighters 3 times a week.
  7. The "No Steak" frame: I am a vegetarian
  8. The Megaphone: I am a soft spoken person.

My goal for taking art therapy
was to learn about the field while also opening up to classmates because
I am a very shy person. For my final, I shared the most about myself
in the three months I took the class.


The Lady Is A Vamp

My inspiration for this illustration came from Le Happy.
Although I love polka dot vintage tops and dresses with bows, I have always
admired the 80's punk style with studded shorts, distressed jackets,
and layered accessories. Nothing says modern vampire to me 
like classic rocker t-shirts and blood red hair.



Full Moon

 1. Necklace   2. Top   3. Shorts

Girls night out: high heel fangs, silver bullet jewelry,
acrylic claws and howling men. There is hunger for 
excitement while females hunt for adventure. 
Every girl needs an outfit that unleashes her wild nature 
 when the sun sets and she is with her pack.




Check out Beau XOXO: Here

I received an amazing email from Georgie the owner of Beau XOXO 
to create an illustration for her handmade hair accessory shop. 
 I couldn't wait to jump at the opportunity
because I love painting redheads and using glitter!


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