The Happy Couple

Denise & her fiance. 

Ivy & her fiance. I love Ivy's idea of the special words written on their arms.

Billy & Bethany
UPDATE: I added two more couples to this post and there 
is more to come. 'Tis the season! Congratulations to the happy couples who are
celebrating their engagements! Best Wishes from Deep Fried Freckles.

Custom couple illustrations make great anniversary and wedding gifts.
Email me at malia@iheartgarments for more details.



My week

My assistant, Dexter

The assembly line of work 

Egyptian inspired earrings by Casey McCartey.

Natural Chapstick by Crafty by Nature

Camielle Howard's beautiful crochet earrings.

Heart shaped blue spoonrest & 3 ring holders by Crafty by Nature

 This week has been a productive week full of, paintings marketing, and
sneaking yummy cheddar cubes while working at the gallery. I had the 
pleasure to shoot photos for CS Galleries Hit & Run
happy hour with The Columbus Etsy Team. The Hit & Run was full of
handmade gems like organic chapstick and hand crafted leather satchels. 
Everything in these images are for sale! Check out the sites!



Make it a Double

Happy Friday everyone! Settle down with a DFF weekend cocktail!

Weekend Cocktail Recipe
You will need:
  • A handful of girlfriends
  • A squeeze of impulsive decisions
  • A mix of 90's boy band music 
  • One small dress
  • A pinch of glitter for taste

Combine all ingredients, shake together on a dance floor and enjoy!


Caprese Sandwich

Caprese Sandwich Recipe

 I am a self proclaimed "Foodie" who can not cook! Somehow every morning 
I manage to burn my eggs while keeping them raw and inedible on the inside. 
And lets not get started on my baking skills, or lack thereof! 
(Example of a disastrous cake I attempted to make for my boyfriends birthday)
So I am proud to say I pulled off a dish this week when I played hostess at my job.
Granted, the dish required no baking and only four ingredients but at least my friends 
can sleep tonight without dreams of Salmonella fairies dancing in their heads!

Do you guys have any simple go to recipes?



Coffee Love

Coffee Love Ft. Art for the Artist's Irene Lavrishin.


Ngockhanh Ngo

Ngockhanh's Instagram 

Ngockhanh is a talented fashion student at CCAD and a fashion intern at HOMAGE
a clothing store that famous for its retro T-Shirts with screen  prints of music, politics, 
sports and pop culture. You can find Ngockhanh's beautiful work with fabric
on display in CCAD's Design Building.





Rebecca Wilson in a Leopard STCKD T-Shirt

(More to come soon)

STCKD Tumbr | STCKD Vimeo

A few days ago I came across The brand STCKD, a line of pocket T-Shirts that 
have pocket squares sewn into the pockets. I instantly thought, "genius!" STCKD
follows the traditional logo on a T-shirt idea and takes it a step further. To my surprise 
I continued to read about the brand only to learn STCKD was created by fellow CCAD students!
 My first thought was that STCKD is similar to Vinyard Vines when they first started the company.
Vinyard Vines began creating luxury ties for men. Ties required a small amount of retail space and
a little supply of fabric but they were able to double their profit because of the quality and they new
their target audience inside and out and marketed to their tastes.

I immediately contacted Richard, the creator of STCKD and asked if I could create some illustrations
for the brand. Their is nothing more exciting to see than young passionate designers taking an idea and going full speed with it. I think just by looking at STCKD'S Tumblr you are able to see the enthusiasm for the work. Richard has definitely inspired me and I hope he inspires you to stop resting on your dreams and to take action!



Tea for Two

 First illustration of Becky

One of my favorite drinks to order is MoMo's Thai Tea made with milk.
So it comes as no surprise Milk Bubble Tea is one of my favorite blogs to follow.
I am always humbled when scrolling through the crisp, elegant photos on Milk Bubble Tea.
 I not only adore Becky's blog but as some of you may know, Becky was the first 
blogger I illustrated for Deep Fried Freckles. And like the first time, I felt honored she asked me
to create a painting. This time the illustration was for her boyfriend Daniel for a birthday gift.
I hope the two of them are enjoying his birthday together and taking it easy!


LuLu Swing

I was unbelievably flattered when Isa the founder of LuLu Swing approached me a few 
weeks ago to create an illustration for their new line of shoes and their tag line
"Dance to the Beat of your Dreams" The best part about working with LuLu Swing? 
Being commissioned in shoes that are just my style! 

Who exactly is a LuLu Swing girl?  
"She is a girl who is unconcerned with “it” brands or trends and prefers a look that’s creative! Her fashion taste can change in an instant but she makes sure she’s still herself. She’s quirky, sometimes girly and sometimes classy. A Lulu Swing girl pulls inspiration from the colorful world around her, pairing vintage with modern, high fashion and DIY pieces. These precious Lulu Swing shoes are catered for girls who want to add a little pizzaz to their wardrobe."

Check out LuLu Swing's Facebook, you won't be dissapointed!




Please ignore my kindergarten style handwriting!

If you live on the West Side of Columbus, you most likely know Hodji. Hodji (real name Sanjay) is a friendly owner of a popular, local Carry Out and always has a wise Mr. Miyagi-esque story to tell while you are paying for a pack of gum. Hodji has been a dear friend to me the last three years I worked as a neighbor beside his shop. Now, after 23 years, Hodji is selling his store and returning to his home in India to visit. I will miss my friend and hearing all of insights to life's mysterious questions as well as his answers to the less than serious questions like "why do West Siders still have mullets?"

If you get a chance please check out a lovely review on my blog on Girl Reviews Things. I admire and I am jealous of Anastasia's way with words when she creates her reviews. She writes a great deal of detail but keeps you entertained as you are reading and never bored. I find Anastasia's blog to be relateable and her reviews to be helpful, easy to read and informative.


Lost & Laura's

 Laura from Tiny Twisst

Laura from Petit Chatons

A week of great Laura fashion bloggers!

Sad news (well, sort of.) I actually lost my watercolors and have been without painting
for a week now. My room tends to be a black hole. I don't really have the money to 
 replace my set so I am hoping they turn up somewhere. For now, I have my ink 
and I am working more graphically. I also decided to take this as an opportunity to 
create more collage work since I haven't done that for a while.
Lets just hope this loss turns into a new found love for a different medium!




Hey guys! Be sure to check out my new Page Feature Printables
Printables are new interactive posts that allow you to be a fashion illustrator. 
Create custom designs with Deep Fried Freckles templates and let your 
imagination take you away. Just simply click the illustration you want to 
customize and print it out on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Printables are great for 
playtime with children, personal cards, a picture to frame or a decorative
element for your blog! I will post blank images of apparel, portraits food and more!
I can't wait to see what you guys create! Be sure to send your creation to 
malia@iheartgarments.com for a chance to be featured! Make sure you read the
terms of Use before using Printables!

What items would you like to see on the Printables Page?




Giarne From Sydney Fashion Stylist

Be sure to check out Giarnes gorgeous stylist portfolio that truly
shows her talent for coridinating looks and maintaining a professional image.



Baby Rouge

It is bittersweet to say I am back from vacation! 
Although I was unable to bring my laptop I did bring a sketchbook 
and now it is filled with inspiration for new images! I can't wait to get 
back to work, and create the ideas that are scribbled in my book.
Six days without a post was just way to hard!


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