Deep Fried Freckles Goes to the Philippines

Well I didn't physically go, but I was there in spirit with hand lettering and a painting of a cute LuLu girl at the at Hip Pinoy Fair for LuLu Swing. The Hip Pinoy fair aims to bring together holistic, innovative, and passionate Filipinos to promote local ingenuity and creativity.

I feel so lucky to have had Isa Abonal approach me again for another illustration, I think the paintings colors and style make a perfect pair with LuLu Swings adorable new line of shoes in front of them!  Personally, my favorite are the Mustard Minuets, they are just a burst of sunshine. 

I hope someday in the future to really travel to the Philippines. It would be a dream to paint all of the beautiful and inspiring things the country has to offer and to stop by the Hip Pinoy Fair of course!

Check out more photos of the Fair and LuLu Swings shoes on their Facebook Page



  1. Wow, congratulations. The illustrations are so beautiful.

  2. Adorable illustration and wow, the shoes are amazing! Currently drooling all over the lulu swings fb page! xx

  3. When I saw the title I thought you actually went to the Philippines until I saw "Well I didn't physically go," I felt crushed. Haha, I wanted to see you. Awesome illustrations as always!

  4. Aww. Philippines is ♥♥♥ Your illustrations are really amazing btw!



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