Awkward Contest

Hi everyone. It is that time again, another contest! I wanted to create an interactive post that allowed viewers to enjoy what Deep Fried Freckles is all about: creativity, individual style and quirky personalities. Oh! And fried foods, of course...but that will be another contest.

Growing up, I hated my freckles. I associated them with embarrassing moments and standing out. Now for those same reasons I love my freckles and I have come to terms with the fact that I will always be awkward! The Awkward Contest celebrates those silly moments that made you think "of course this would only happen to me!"

Submit your (PG) stories in the comments below and I will choose my favorite one to illustrate. Have fun fashion nerds!



  1. Great contest for me, I have so many of those moments! I was on holiday in America and I was at this outdoor swimming pool. There was this lifeguard that kept looking at me and kept giving me cheeky smiles. I was so distracted by him (cute!) that I didn't see the end of the platform, fell straight off it and cracked my tooth! I was lying crumpled on the floor, crying and bleeding, terrified this lifeguard, and the last time I saw him, he was running to get his boss! Never been back to that pool since... xo

  2. Having my knickers tucked into my skirt after I came out of the loo. At work.

  3. Running away from a friend during a game and going face first into a bird table and cutting my head open :') I had tried to duck too but evidently failed :P


  4. I love freckles! I wish I had some (or more... I have kind of six on every side of my face xD). I would love to tell you a story, but I don't know how to explain it in english. And I think they are not that good to illustrate. So I will just let you know that I love the idea and I'm looking forward to see the winners illustration and the story behind it!! :)

  5. Oh I think it has to be when I bought a very beautiful dress from Zara that I was sure would look super professional on me, it had a swooshy pleated skirt and was a very dark green. It buttoned up on top like a shirt and I felt really fabulous about wearing it to a conference I was going to be presenting a paper at. I wore it that day to the lovely big lecture theatre in Copenhagen which was walled with windows lots of natural light, in fact the whole campus was all glass walkways and very new architecture so I was used to it. I did my paper in front of lots of other esteemed academics that I am usually quite scared of but I did it and was waiting at the coffee tables later on for my boyfriend to come and find me. He walked up and said ' did you wear that?'
    To which I said 'of course I did I've only just finished '
    He then added ' darlin you realise it's see through in this light and I can see your underwear.'

    I was mortified, I hadn't noticed it as I'd bout it for the conference and when I'd tried it on in our room it was with the room light on, in natural daylight the pleated skirt was totally sheer. So yes my colleagues and esteemed academics have seen my pants. I sprinted out of that conference in shame.

  6. So many awkward moments in my life! The time that sticks with me the most is during a college trip to London. We all had to meet at reception early one morning, and seen as I always wake up late, I had to throw my clothes on and rush downstairs to make it on time. When I got there we all set off to the gallery. Walking down the busy streets of London I noticed some people looking at me strangely, I chose to ignore it, but then later on in the day, someone came up to me and said 'do you realise you're wearing odd shoes? Is it some sort of new fashion?' I was mortified! I can't believe I had been walking around with odd shoes on all day and no one had told me! Or that I hadn't even noticed myself! How embarrassing :(
    P.s, love you Malia!

  7. I LOVE all of these!!! Hahaha thank you so much for entering! I will choose a winner this weekend and post the winner next week!

  8. HEY it's me hehe. I thought I'd share with you one of my most embarrassing stories.

    This happened when I was at uni in Melbourne. I volunteered to help out at an event hosted by the Student Union, and before the event there was a briefing meeting for everyone, held in a big room where everyone sat on chairs in a circle.

    About 15 minutes into the meeting, I felt something rather ODD around my ankle. I was wearing jeans and trainers. It felt like something soft. Something lumpy.. something.. that turned out to be a pair of my PANTIES slowly sliding out the leg of my jeans. It was only HALFWAY out when I realised what it WAS! I was so horrified that I used my other foot to try to cover it, but in that process I ended up pulling the whole thing - the whole yucky faded purple pair of 'my comfiest undies' - out and onto the ground. SO I STEPPED ON IT with my shoes!

    Realising that it would be revealed the moment I had to move or get up, as soon as the meeting ended I got up, RAN OUT THE DOOR and left the building before anyone could notice what happened.

    Since I didn't stay to sign some sort of form after the meeting, I didn't even get to volunteer at the event in the end.


    Y xx

  9. Hi Malia, just stumbled across this post and thought i might as well share my embarrassing story too! I was walking through town on the way to my local train station to go shopping with my friend and i was wearing new lace up ankle boots. My friend and I began to cross the road when the lights turned red and just as we were halfway across, i TRIPPED over my own lace, landed face down in front of the stopped traffic and ripped a massive hole in the knee of my favourite pair of jeans. My friend couldn't stop laughing and i had to pick myself up and hobble away. Fast.
    Sara x


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