Blogger Illustration: Starry Eyed Beauty

An illustration for the ever so sweet Christine from Starry Eyed Beauty
 Christine also made a request for a couple illustration, of her and her boyfriend Jeremy. Aren't they adorable together? Whenever I paint a couple I can't help but to smile! I just look at the photo, dip my brush and think "Ah to be in love!"

But any who, back from my hopeless romantic wanderings... I am a follower and fan of Christine's insightful product reviews. Christine even posts structured charts comparing products, which is great for a girl like me who always buys a tube of lipstick that should have been named "Icky shade for Malia." Starry Eyed Beauty is one blog to keep an eye out for as it rises!


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  1. thank you so much malia for the lovely post, im going to frame the prints you sent. they are so lovely. x


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