Rebecca Wilson in a Leopard STCKD T-Shirt

(More to come soon)

STCKD Tumbr | STCKD Vimeo

A few days ago I came across The brand STCKD, a line of pocket T-Shirts that 
have pocket squares sewn into the pockets. I instantly thought, "genius!" STCKD
follows the traditional logo on a T-shirt idea and takes it a step further. To my surprise 
I continued to read about the brand only to learn STCKD was created by fellow CCAD students!
 My first thought was that STCKD is similar to Vinyard Vines when they first started the company.
Vinyard Vines began creating luxury ties for men. Ties required a small amount of retail space and
a little supply of fabric but they were able to double their profit because of the quality and they new
their target audience inside and out and marketed to their tastes.

I immediately contacted Richard, the creator of STCKD and asked if I could create some illustrations
for the brand. Their is nothing more exciting to see than young passionate designers taking an idea and going full speed with it. I think just by looking at STCKD'S Tumblr you are able to see the enthusiasm for the work. Richard has definitely inspired me and I hope he inspires you to stop resting on your dreams and to take action!


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