Please ignore my kindergarten style handwriting!

If you live on the West Side of Columbus, you most likely know Hodji. Hodji (real name Sanjay) is a friendly owner of a popular, local Carry Out and always has a wise Mr. Miyagi-esque story to tell while you are paying for a pack of gum. Hodji has been a dear friend to me the last three years I worked as a neighbor beside his shop. Now, after 23 years, Hodji is selling his store and returning to his home in India to visit. I will miss my friend and hearing all of insights to life's mysterious questions as well as his answers to the less than serious questions like "why do West Siders still have mullets?"

If you get a chance please check out a lovely review on my blog on Girl Reviews Things. I admire and I am jealous of Anastasia's way with words when she creates her reviews. She writes a great deal of detail but keeps you entertained as you are reading and never bored. I find Anastasia's blog to be relateable and her reviews to be helpful, easy to read and informative.



  1. This is so pretty! It puts my cards to shame! Haha :)

  2. Aw, it is so sad that he is leaving. What a cute card!


  3. This is such a beautiful farewell card, I think your friend will be very touched by it :) what a wonderful idea x

  4. What a lovely card, so thoughtful :) x

  5. this is adorable, i love your handwriting! don't be silly!

  6. Awh that really is very sad! I hope you can keep in touch!

    Marie x

  7. you put so much of you into your art, it is amazing. One day I will pay you to make personalized cards for me... if you are up for it lol :) Love ya girl

    1. WOW! that was really touching Justine! I love you and thank you so much!

  8. This is such a nice gesture. Can you believe I'm Indian but have never seen the Taj Mahal. I think your handwriting is cute, mine is wrecked from typing too much. Thanks for dropping by my blog & offering to draw me btw. :)
    I sent you an email. :D


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